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Stabilus Gas Spring Components

As the largest manufacturer of gas springs in the world, Stabilus components serve the needs of a variety of industries – and you can find your Stabilus gas spring components at JWF Technologies! As the largest North American supplier of Stabilus products, we stock an extensive inventory of gas struts, including locking and non-locking variations, dampers, and spare parts.

Non-Locking Gas Springs

Designed for controlled motion sequences, Stabilus non-locking gas springs in the LIFT-O-MAT line provide force assist to ensure proper weight distribution and safety of the user. Utilizing a defined speed curve, this gas spring variety makes opening and closing motions both simple and safe. At JWF, we can be your Stabilus non-locking gas springs supplier, or we can develop a custom solution for your needs.


Locking Gas Springs

The BLOC-O-LIFT line of gas springs by Stabilus ensure safe and user-friendly opening, closing, and positioning motion sequences. Depending on the desired configuration, this type of gas strut is also available with either rigid or elastic variable locking in the direction of tension or compression. Our team of experts can help you identify the right Stablius component for your application.



Available for both motion and vibration dampening applications, the STAB-O-SHOC line of dampers by Stabilus are designed to prevent damage to machines and other sensitive equipment, as well as promote an even workflow that is gentle on the produced material. Further, for applications such as those within the medical field, Stabilus dampers play a critical role in user experience.


Spare Parts

Should you require a spare gas spring or damper from our product inventory of Stabilus components we can certainly accommodate your needs. Whether you need a Stabilus spare part for replacement or for use within a smaller application, contact us today to place an order.

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