Custom Engineering

Custom Engineered Solutions

With decades of experience, we understand how to truly comprehend our customer's needs within industry landscapes that are always evolving. At JWF Technologies, we approach every custom engineering project knowing that our solution must provide a unique and valuable solution to the challenge at hand. By investigating your current system or application, our experienced engineers can identify opportunities to resolve challenges and pain points. We can then engineer a custom solution to improve your process and add value to your organization. Our mission is to provide you with an innovative, reliable, and quality solution that'll stand the test of time. We're also proud to be recognized for our quick concept-to-build time frame. It's simply in our DNA to create something better, and it's how we apply our expertise that makes the difference.

Services for Streamlining Production, Inventory, & Logistics

Alongside our custom engineered solutions, JWF Technologies can help streamline operations for manufacturers and OEMs with our logistic services that enhance the value of your JWF solution. Reduce costs, minimize quality errors, and increase flexibility and efficiency within inventory and logistics processes. In addition to the valuable logistic services below, contact JWF for VMI programs, localized delivery from our headquarters (within 4 hours), skid sampling and quality assurance, sub-assembly, and contract manufacturing.


Bar codes etched onto any product for accurate inventory management and warehouse tracking.

Custom Packaging

Product-specific and returnable packaging for individual components, kits, and sub-assemblies.


Reduce assembly costs with ready-to-build kits or units to be assembled on-site.


Receive quality-tested parts or units designed to your specifications, ready for installation.


Scheduled deliveries of parts from our inventory for just-in-time production, to reduce inventory costs.

Custom Part
Numbering & Labeling

Streamline logistics with custom part numbering and labeling, part of our VMI program services.


Verified and quality tested products delivered straight to your warehouse floor.

Contract Assembly & Manufacturing

Receive your custom solution completely assembled, ready for installation.



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