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JWF Technologies is a proud distributor of a broad selection of products and components from innovative and respected manufacturers and suppliers. We carry and utilize products including gas springs, pumps, motors, couplings, cylinders, valves, hoses & fittings, cables, power units, manifolds, and much more to meet your fluid power system, motion control, and custom application needs. We guarantee the best results because we only partner with industry leaders in cost-effectiveness, reliability, and quality. Learn more about each of our manufacturers below.


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Founded in 2004, Michigan-based ZSI-Foster is an industry leader in clamping solutions across several markets including general industrial, fluid power, HVAC, and refrigeration. With their mission to produce quality products that solve problems and save money, JWF Technologies is proud to offer their reputable inventory of hydraulic and pneumatic clamping accessories to our customers.

Accessories for the Most Demanding Applications

The catalog of products offered by ZSI-Foster includes critical clamping and coupling devices designed for outstanding endurance and longevity in vibration resistance and shock absorption. Clamps by ZSI are expertly engineered to eliminate machine damage associated with vibration, shock, surge, and corrosion on hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

Product Offerings

  • Beta Clamps
  • Cushion Clamps
  • Cushioned Strip
  • Insulation clamps
  • Insulation Saddles
  • Gamma Pads
  • Loop/Hose/Cable Clamps
  • Rooftop Supports
  • Z-Clamps
  • Beam Clamps
  • Wesanco Cut Strut
  • Spring Steel Supports

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