Electromechanical Components

At JWF Technologies, we feature a wide range of quality electromechanical components from proven manufacturers that serve the industrial lifting, positioning and transfer needs of our customers worldwide. As a trusted supplier within numerous markets, our electromechanical inventory includes electric actuators, electronic control systems, and instrumentation solutions to meet your needs.

Electric Actuators

When you need safe, quiet, and accurate movements with precise control over acceleration and velocity, an electric actuator is your energy efficient and cost-effective solution. Whatever your medical, agricultural, or mobile application, we can help you find the best linear electric actuator, machine screw actuator, or ball screw actuator from our extensive selection of electromechanical components.

  • Linear
    • 100 lbs.-2,000 lbs. Capacity
    • 12V, 24V, 115V, 220V Available
    • High Speed
    • With Limit Switches
    • Control Option
    • Compact and Economical
  • Machine Screw
    • Positive, Mechanical Positioning
    • Uniform Lifting Speed
    • Multiple Arrangements
    • Anti-Backlash (optional)
    • 500 lbs. to 250 Ton capacity
  • Ball Screw
    • Efficient
    • High Speeds
    • Longer Life Under Load
    • Synchronization of Multiple Units
    • 1/2 Ton to 50 Ton Capacity
    • Full Load in Tension or Compression

Electronic Control Systems

JWF Technologies is proud to offer our customers a wide range of electronic control system solutions including remote proportional electronic control systems, motorized pressure and flow control valves, and RF remote control systems that not only ensure the streamlined function of machinery and other equipment, but also the safety of operators.

  • Remote Proportional
    • Proportional Valve Drivers
    • With or Without Pressure Transducers
    • Direct and Pilot operated
    • Speed, Torque, Position and Pressure Control
  • Motorized Pressure and Flow Control Valves
    • Monitors for Precision Seed Drill
    • Row Shut Off Valves
    • Controls for Sprayers
    • Electric Motorized Valves
  • RF Remote Control Systems
    • System Tiger G2
    • System Panther
    • System Jaguar
    • System LX
    • System T60
    • System T20
    • Accessories for Tele Radio Products
    • Weight Sensors


Reliable monitoring is vital to the performance of any electromechanical application. At JWF, we stock a wide variety of instrumentation equipment including connectors, gauges, flow meters, sensors, and reservoir accessories that deliver functionality as varied and versatile as the needs of our customers.

  • Connectors
    • DIN
    • Mini DIN
    • Molded
    • Field Wired
    • Proportional Drivers
    • M8 & M12 Connectors
    • Differential Pressure
  • Gauges
    • Pressure Gauges
    • Transmitters, Meters and Displays
    • Pressure Gauge Transmitter Switch
    • Mechanical Temperature Gauge
    • Electrical Temperature Gauges
  • Flow Meters
    • High Pressure Flow Meters
    • Turbine Flow Meters
    • Pressure Indicators
    • Flow Switches
  • Sensors
    • Pressure Switch
    • Temperature Switch
    • Liquid Level Sensors
    • Velocity Fuses
  • Reservoir Accessories
    • Filter Breathers
    • Sight Gauges
    • Suction Strainers
    • Flanges
    • JIC Reservoirs
    • Custom Reservoirs

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