Hydraulic Components and Systems

As a leading supplier of hydraulic components and systems, JWF Technologies can engineer and manufacture effective solutions for a variety of fluid-power applications both fixed and mobile. Our inventory of hydraulic components features a variety of parts including couplings, pump drives, hydraulic cylinders, pumps, hydraulic valves, manifolds, power units, and much more.

Power Units

JWF builds hydraulic power units to customer specifications to deliver the most efficient, high-performing system available, while minimizing the amount of floor space used. A hydraulic power unit designed by JWF Technologies maintains the highest level of performance and efficiency while emitting minimal noise, regardless of the application. Our power units are used in applications such as hydraulic presses, industrial hydraulics, material handling, construction and agricultural equipment, and more.

  • We Can Help You With
    • Hydraulic power unit design and fabrication
    • Vertical or horizontal mounted designs
    • Overhead / L-Shape / Custom Reservoirs
    • Compact designs
    • Hydraulic filter cart design and fabrication
    • Gas Engine Hydraulic Power Units
  • Standard Offerings
    • Isolation Bars for Electric Motors
    • Service Manuals
    • System Relief
    • Full sytem testing
    • ISO Filtration Requirements
    • Traceable Documentation
    • Noise Level Test

Pumps & Motors

Our extensive hydraulic component inventory includes many hydraulic pumps and motors - including gear pumps, piston pumps, and vane pumps. These components sourced from our trusted manufacturers are designed with exceptional quality and performance capability within your hydraulic system.

Hydraulic Valves

One of the most fundamental parts of your hydraulic system is the use of the proper valves for your system requirements. Our extensive inventory features a multitude of hydraulic valves such as cartridge valves, directional control valves, flow control valves, relief valves, check valves, proportional valves, and more. JWF is also known for custom valve packages including custom valve designs and pre-assembled valve packages.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Whether standard or custom, the hydraulic cylinder solutions available at JWF Technologies include N.F.P.A. cylinders, welded cylinders, and specialty cylinders. From medium to heavy duty applications, JWF’s hydraulic cylinder components have continuously helped to improve machinery efficiency in the medical, industrial, farm, and mobile markets, and beyond.

Heat Exchangers & Accumulators

JWF features a large selection of heat exchangers and accumulators for hydraulic system temperature regulation and consistent system performance, including hydraulic heat exchangers, electrically driven heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, and plate and frame heat exchangers depending on your application requirements.

Filtration & Fluid Monitoring

Filtration and fluid monitoring are essential to reducing downtime and maintaining your hydraulic equipment. This is why we offer only the most reliable filters and fluid monitoring equipment including pressure filters that are manually, hydraulically, cam, solenoid, or pilot operated. Our spin-on filters include single and multiple head configurations offering medium or high pressure. We are here to help ensure your system is receiving the highest quality filtration and cleanliness.

  • Spin-Off Filters
    • Single Head
    • Multiple Head Configurations
    • Modular Systems
    • Medium Pressure
    • High Pressure
  • Pressure Filters
    • Manually Operated
    • Hydraulically Operated
    • Cam Operated
    • Solenoid Operated
    • Pilot Operated


JWF Technologies not only offers many kinds of ISO standard hydraulic manifolds, but is also expert in designing and engineering custom manifold solutions machined to fit any control or cartridge design. Contact us today for more information on the right standard or custom manifold for your application.

Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

Our hose and tubing components deliver a number of benefits, including flexibility, durability, abrasion resistance, lighter weight materials, superior chemical resistance, high pressure capability, and longer life due to decreased material fatigue factors. Whatever your application need, our thermoplastic hoses, pneumatic tubing, air hoses, fittings, and adapters will get the job done.

Couplings, Pump Drives, and Engine Adapters

At JWF Technologies, we are proud to stock couplings, pump drives, bell housings, and motor adapters by Guardian Couplings. The myriad of couplings available include shaft, pipe, motor, falk, mechanical, rigid, flexible, hose, air, flex and more. Our extensive hydraulic component inventory is designed to promote flexibility in your hydraulic system, allowing for virtually limitless application capability.

  • Shaft Couplings
    • Double Crowned Tooth Gear
    • Nylon Sleeves
    • Free Axial Travel
    • Jaw Style Curved and Straight
    • High Torque
  • Pump Drives/Flywheel
    • Two-Piece Flywheel For Off Highway
    • One-Piece Flywheel
    • High-Inertia Loads
  • Bell Housings
    • Diesel Engine Pump Mounts
    • Aluminum Lightweight Mounts
    • NEMA “C” Face Motor Mount
  • Pipe Couplings
    • Low-Pressure Quick Compression


Reliable instrumentation equipment is essential to the proper function of your hydraulic machinery. At JWF Technologies, we stock a variety of connectors, gauges, flow meters, sensors, and reservoir accessories to help you keep your production line moving.

  • Gauges
    • Pressure Gauges
    • Transmitters, Meters and Displays
    • Pressure Gauge Transmitter Switch
    • Mechanical Temperature Gauge
    • Electrical Temperature Gauges
  • Flow Meters
    • High Pressure Flow Meters
    • Turbine Flow Meters
    • Pressure Indicators
    • Flow Switches
  • Sensors
    • Pressure Switch
    • Temperature Switch
    • Liquid Level Sensors
    • Velocity Fuses

Hydraulic Accessories

The hydraulic accessories in our inventory are designed to ensure accurate monitoring and optimal efficiency of your hydraulic systems. We stock a wide variety of sight glass, temperature and level measurement instruments, quick disconnects, reservoirs, filler breathers, motor mounts, clamps, and more. Whatever your assembly or application situation, our accessories can be catered to your purpose.

  • Flush Face - No Drip
    • Connect Under Pressure
    • Screw Together
    • Wing Nut / Wet Line
    • Hydraulic and Pneumatic
  • Standard
    • "ISO A"
    • "ISO B"
    • Agricultural
  • Reservoir Accessories
    • Filter Breathers
    • Sight Gauges
    • Suction Strainers
    • Flanges
    • JIC Reservoirs
    • Custom Reservoirs
  • Connectors
    • DIN
    • Mini DIN
    • Molded
    • Field Wired
    • Proportional Drivers
    • M8 & M12 Connectors
    • Differential Pressure

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