Motion Control Solutions for Positionable Furniture

As North America's largest Stabilus distributor, we utilize quality Stabilus gas springs and dampers in furniture products where smooth motion control is necessary. In furniture applications such as computer carts, ergonomic workstations, hospital beds and recliners, powered wall beds, and more, we utilize reliable Stabilus gas springs and dampers, TiMotion electric linear actuators, and additional ASCO Numatics components. Whether you require automatic or manual height adjustment, vibration or noise dampening, force-assisted opening and closing, lifting, or any other type of motion, JWF Technologies can build a better solution. We can custom engineer electromechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic motion control systems that fit within your existing space and that meet your load bearing and motion requirements.

Our industry-leading furniture products and rigorous quality testing ensures user-friendly, reliable motion sequences during opening, closing, holding, locking, and positioning. With decades of experience serving the furniture industry with quality gas springs, electric actuators, electromechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic products, you can rely on the engineering team at JWF to create and deliver a solution that solves your motion control needs.

Efficient and Ergonomic Home & Office Furniture

JWF furniture products can be utilized in your home, commercial, or medical application, such as height-adjustable furniture, computer carts, powered wall beds, and workstations. The user-friendly mobility that our reliable gas springs and actuators provide help to improve the ergonomics of the product, widening the end-user market. Additionally, dampers assist with noise and vibration reductions, and by utilizing reliable Stabilus components, we can ensure optimum weight bearing and equalization in any application. Whether for home or office furniture, let the innovative engineers at JWF Technologies improve the functionality and ease-of-use of your motion application with our gas springs, dampers, and actuators.

Medical Applications Require the Best Products for Safe Motion Control

At JWF Technologies, we have over 30 years of experience developing silent, precise, ergonomic, and compact solutions for the medical equipment industry. Our medically certified motion control applications are used in furniture such as hospital beds and height-adjustable computer carts, as well as surgery tables, MRI and Urology machines, and ambulance stretchers. We use Stabilus gas springs, STAB-O-SHOC hydraulic dampers, and TiMotion actuators to achieve defined speed, variable positioning, safe holding, and minimal vibration, all of which are critical in any healthcare furniture application. Additionally, we develop specialized long-term patient beds with pneumatic mattresses using ASCO Numatics components to help reduce bed sores. These medical furniture applications require high levels of reliability and precision to allow medical personnel to care for and treat their patients effectively, and with JWF fluid power solutions they can rely on the furniture products to perform.

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