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JWF Technologies is a proud distributor of a broad selection of products and components from innovative and respected manufacturers and suppliers. We carry and utilize products including gas springs, pumps, motors, couplings, cylinders, valves, hoses & fittings, cables, power units, manifolds, and much more to meet your fluid power system, motion control, and custom application needs. We guarantee the best results because we only partner with industry leaders in cost-effectiveness, reliability, and quality. Learn more about each of our manufacturers below.


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Pulsarlube Automatic Single Point Lubricators

Pulsarlube is a leading global manufacturer of innovative and reliable automatic single point lubricators. Through our partnership, JWF Technologies is proud to incorporate their nearly 30 years of expertise in electrochemical/electromechanical lubrication into our solutions for industrial, automotive, mobile, and food processing applications. In addition to single point lubrication systems, their product offering also includes a range of accessories and fittings such as dampeners, valves and plugs, as well as specialized proprietary industrial lubricants formulated to application spec to deliver uncompromising performance.

Custom Lubricants for Various Applications

Choosing the right lubricant is just as critical to the functional efficacy of your application as the lubrication system itself. However, many systems require more than just a universal solution. Pulsarlube offers a full line of proprietary industrial lubricants that are custom formulated according to the type of lubrication required to accommodate specific operational conditions including speed and temperature, ensuring peak productivity and performance.

Types of Automatic Lubricators and Lubricants Available

  • Electrochemical
    • Pulsarlube V
    • Pulsarlube E
  • Electromechanical
    • Pulsarlube M
    • Pulsarlube EXP/EXPL
  • Spring Lubricators
    • Pulsarlube S
  • Advanced Features
    • Pulsarlube MS &MSP
    • Pulsarlube BT
    • Pulsarlube Mi
    • Pulsarlube PLC
  • Oil Lubricators
    • Pulsarlube OL
    • Pulsarlube EO
  • Lubricants
    • PL1 (Multipurpose)
    • PL2 (Heavy Duty)
    • PL3 (High Speed)
    • PL4 (H1 Food Grade)
    • PL5 (High Temperature)
    • PL6 (Multipurpose with MoS2)
    • PL7 (Low Temperature)
    • PL10 (Motor Bearing)

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