Pneumatic and Hydraulic Accessories

To support the applications served by our inventory of pneumatic and hydraulic components, JWF Technologies also supplies hydraulic and pneumatic accessories and instrumentation components. We stock a number of hydraulic and pneumatic accessories including gauges, reservoir accessories, and test points to serve the diagnostic, recording, and maintenance requirements of your application.


Pressure gauges, pressure gauge transmitter switches, mechanical temperature gauges, electrical temperature gauges, transmitters, meters and displays are all included in our inventory of gauge accessories. Sourced from only the best manufacturers, our gauges are designed for precision and reliability within your pneumatic or hydraulic application.

  • Pressure Gauges
  • Transmitters, Meters and Displays
  • Pressure Gauge Transmitter Switch
  • Mechanical Temperature Gauge
  • Electrical Temperature Gauges

Hydraulic Reservoir Tank Accessories

Our complete inventory of reservoir tank accessories includes filter breathers, sight gauges, suction strainers, flanges, and JIC reservoirs. For your reservoir accessory needs or for a custom reservoir, contact our engineering experts for optimized hydraulic system efficiency and reliable measurement and monitoring solutions.

  • Filter Breathers
  • Sight Gauges
  • Suction Strainers
  • Flanges
  • JIC Reservoirs
  • Custom Reservoirs

Diagnostic Test Points

Used in tandem with instrumentation, our diagnostic test point accessories in our component inventory allow for the effective monitoring of pressure within your hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

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