TechTop Electric Motors

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TechTop Electric Motors

TechTop Electric Motors

Also known as the Shanghai Top Motor Company, TechTop is a global leader in the manufacturing of high-quality, reliable electric motors. Utilizing state-of-the-art electrical, processing, and finishing equipment, they produce over 2 million IEC and NEMA electric motors per year used in a variety of industries. JWF is proud to partner with them as a distributor and bring their industry-leading products to your industrial system or application.

Reliable Electric Motor Solutions

The electric motors manufactured by TechTop are available in both aluminum and cast-iron varieties of IEC and NEMA standard, and meet all IE1, IE2, IE3, and NEMA Epact premium efficiency requirements. Additionally, TechTop motors are also available in a single stator design with optional removable feet for IEC, NEMA, and GOST frames which allow for easy component interchangeability, translating to enhanced flexibility and efficiency in your application.

Product Offerings

  • Definite Purpose Electric Motors
    • Farm Duty
    • Washdown
    • Premium JM-JP
    • Oil Pump
    • Crusher Duty
    • Phase Converter Motor
    • EPAct JM-JP
    • PM DC Motor
  • General Purpose Electric Motors
    • Three Phase Aluminum
    • EPAct Aluminum 56C
    • Metric IEC
    • Three Phase Cast Iron
    • Three Phase Open Enclosure
    • Cobra

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