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The most complex system requirements won't seem like a challenge when you partner with JWF. We're a company that can design a completely unique and custom motion control or fluid power solution that will meet your needs and solve your problems. At JWF, we’re a custom solutions provider, and one that believes in creating something better. We custom engineer solutions for applications used in the mobile hydraulic, industrial, medical, furniture, material handling, and food processing industries. Plus, we provide the value-add services you need, like contract manufacturing, to bring our offerings full-circle. Heavy-duty hydraulic and pneumatic machinery, the applications that move the world, require powerful, durable, high-quality, and most importantly, reliable solutions to perform in demanding environments they operate in. So, creating a solution that's not only cost effective, but lasts, too? JWF is up to the task. Our experienced engineers find imaginative ways to apply our solutions in ways that will improve your system efficiency and productivity while also maintaining reliability and workplace safety. We thrive on developing answers to your problems. Your system, machinery, and production process goals can be without limitations just by partnering with JWF. Let us show you how our ingenuity and experience makes the difference.

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It's In Our DNA to Create Something Better. We Reimagine Systems & Build Custom Solutions Based On Your Goals.

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JWF Technologies is a specialized custom engineering solutions provider and component distributor, servicing customers that require a better solution for their fluid power, or hydraulic and pneumatic, systems and ergonomic motion control applications. With locations in Cincinnati (Headquarters), Cleveland, Detroit, and Ontario, Canada, we're able to provide our customers with timely design assistance, quality testing, and expedient shipment of their finished product. When it comes to improved reliability, JWF is a partner you can count on.

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