Gas Springs

Gas Springs

JWF Technologies is the largest North American distributor of Stabilus gas springs, sometimes referred to as gas shocks. We take pride in this distinction, because Stabilus gas springs are high quality and time-tested. In fact, Stabilus invented the world’s first standard production gas spring and is now the world’s largest manufacturer of gas springs, making over 450,000 springs a day. Stabilus gas springs line has products that can address all your needs, including locking and non-locking springs and dampers.


Do you need a specific motion control application for a project you're working on? JWF Technologies provides design assistance for motion control applications utilizing Stabilus gas springs, locking springs, and hydraulic dampers. Our patented 'einbau' software allows us to provide detailed information on mounting points, handle loads, temperature compensation and life expectancy in our simulation



  • Lift Assist with LIFT-O-MAT gas springs  for both automotive and industrial uses
  • Locking with BLOC-O-LIFT gas springs  options for a rigid or elastic lock, and various types of mounts
  • Dampening with STAB-O-SHOC hydraulic dampers - to dampen both motion and vibration




Design Assistance Form

Fill out our application form for Gas Spring Design Assistance and we will provide a detailed simulation quickly, thereby lowering your engineering cycle time.




  • Precise motion control simulation
  • No pre-compression of any gas spring upon installation
  • Documentation of mounting points
  • Temperature considerations for all climate conditions
  • Eliminates guess work of mounting hole locations
  • Force and handle loads calculated for all increments of opening angles
  • Project identification clearly defined matching to customer specifications
  • Reserve life of gas spring calculated before simulation is released / eliminates pre-mature failure
  • On site simulation capability for any and all customers
  • Properly matched product for the application for best results
  • All products recommended are stocked at JWF in Cincinnati
  • Provides instant proto-type product design


STABILUS Ball Socket & Ball Stud Assembly & Disassembly Instructions


Disposal Disassembly & Pressure Discharge of STABILUS Products





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